Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 8.11.07, Morning

Yael Y., Ora A., Michaela R., Yehudit S., Neta A., Shira V. (reporting)


We entered the area of Zeitim passage. After we entered, they did not let us stand there and watch, and ordered us to exit to the Palestinian side and cross back, with the Palestinians. So we did.

To all who are interested: One has to come with ID card (or a passport), and in order not to detain the passage it is recommended to take off all the jewelry beforehand. People with pace-maker are recommended not to enter the area.

05:40 Zeitim passage

There is a very long line at the entrance to the external carousel. We estimated more than a hundred people in the
passage. Three different Palestinians told us that the passage was opened around half past five, about half an hour later than the official time. One of them told us that during this while they had called and tried to attract the attention of the soldiers to the fact, but the checkpoint was not opened.
Average time of passage is 20 to thirty minutes.

The policeman G. approached us and started talking with us. We understood from his that entrance to the area is permitted, but we have to go in the same path as the Palestinians, and should not try to return on the same way, without being checked.

Four of us crossed the passage as suggested. Their average time of passage was about half an hour. For the one who has a pace maker they moved the electronic gate, but had her go through a through body checkup in a side room (there is no sigh warning people with pace makers, but it seems that the procedure is not strange for them). The woman with the jewelry went through a through checkup too. These two postponed the passage.