'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 7.7.08, Afternoon

Elisheva A. Bilha S. Yong A. Natanya translating.


A-Ras   13.40  A soldier immediately opens the locked gate at Jubara
for us. Three soldiers are at the childrens' gate. A woman  goes
through in the direction of Jubara and 5 boys are exiting the village.
At A-Ras 4 reserve soldiers send the few cars through in  all
directions without checking. They ask us questions and make the same
remarks that most of the Israeli public make…."we are only carrying out
orders" and that if there is only one chance or even half a chance that
an attack will be averted then the checkpoints are important. And that
the soldiers at the checkpoint
are a deterrent and prevent terrorist attacks. But they also listen to what we have to say.

14.15    Two soldiers sit in a booth at the south and let cars into
Tulkarm with no delays.  Those at the north check randomly. The line of
cars from Tulkarm is very long  and we cannot see the end and more keep
coming. A truck took 5 minutes to pass.

change is shift is done quickly and does not harm the checking. An
inquisitive soldier who finished his shift comes and wants to speak to
us but his commander calls him back to join his friends in the Hummer.