Reihan, Wed 12.3.08, Morning

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11:00 – at the entrance to the sleeveinfo-icon leading to the northern entry to the terminal, two drivers waiting for passengers. aT the entrance to the terminal, workers apparently wait for people to come.
At the vehicle checkpoint four cars are being inspected. From the roofs of vehicles visible over the wall,  it appears that vehicles are being inspected in the closed compound.
Five vehicles are waiting with agricultural produce in the Palestinian parking lot – three with eggs, the others with dry goods.
From time to time families arrive with children (there is a school strike) and cross into the Seam Zone. I didn’t hear complaints about passage through the terminal.
An "illegal" is brought in by the police, who caught him in Um el Fahm, and he passes through the terminal on his way into the West Bank.
12:15 – I left.