'Anabta, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 2.3.08, Morning

Leah S, Rachel H. Natanya translating.

6.55 Irtach.
Few people from Tulkarm. Much movement of workers and women with children who pass quickly. We were told that there were no problems.  At Jubara there was no line and the soldiers said that they did not have the key of the gate so we did not go to Ar-Ras as we thought to do this on our way back. At Anabta were many pedestrians from Tulkarm. The checking was very pedantic of all cars because of specific alerts  which had caused traffic jams and enormous delays. The pedestrians many of the students preferred to go through the checkpoint on foot and take another taxi. No line of cars in the direction of Tulkarm We went on to Beit Iba.

8.10 Jubara.
 On our way back from Beit Iba we phoned Tammie to ask for the key to the gate. While we were waiting for a reply a policeman stopped us and asked for our papers, the triangle, a reserve tire and out reflecting jacket.  We did not get a reply but afterwards heard that the key had not been found. We left at 8.20