E-Ram - there was a mother with her 15 years old daughter who was just released from the hospital. She had a blue ID but was missing the part of the children's registry. The soldiers wouldn't let them in and only after T.'s hard effort to persuade them, they did.We saw a detained man with handcuffs. After asking about him, we were told that he was traced on the computer as a wanted individual. We called the Moked and were told that in such cases the Moked can't interfere.Qalandya - almost no traffic. A man came to us and told us that there are 10 villages around the Ofra settlement which are completely isolated from any kind of transportation because the people of Ofra won't let them use the road, so they have to walk a long way by foot and then pay a high fees for taxis, which is a problem especially for sick people and pregnant women...Few pedestrians. In the South - there was no inspection of ID at all, in the north only blue ID were permitted in. Tora Bora - A lot of activity.