Eliyahu Crossing, Eyal Crossing, Falamiya, Jayyus, Mon 5.11.12, Morning

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Ronni S., Dina A., Nina S. (reporting), Translator: Judith Green




06:15  Eliyahu Gate - A lot of people are waiting in the pedestrian line;  we didn't stop, because we wanted to get to Jayyus at a reasonable hour and, because of a misunderstanding, we got a late start. .

06:35  Jayyus - the gate opened at 06:00 and, when we arrived, the Ecumenical group were already there and counting the people passing through.  A number of tractors, van and wagons with families went through on their way to the olive harvest.  At 07:05 the checkpoint closed.

07:35 - Falamya - Quiet as usual at this hour.  Every once in a while a tractor arrives with a number of workers, families and one family who went through on foot to their fields/ orchards, after leaving their car for which they didn't have a permit at the checkpoint. We continued to Zuhair's grocery to hear what is happening in the village of Jemal.  They confirmed that they had received permits for the harvest (thanks to the intervention of Ronni and Miriam), and some of them had already finished the harvest.  There were no special problems, thank goodness.

09:30  Eyal crossing - We decided to drop in, since some Palestinians had told us that there were hours during which the crossing was stopped, in spite of the fact that people were waiting to go through, but it seemed to them that the progress was halted until enough people had gathered into a serious line and only then did they open the gate.  We met a DCO officer who told us that there was no problem there and that he made sure that the crossing was always open, even though sometimes there were only a few inspection booths.  It is worthwhile going there at about 07:00 in order to witness what happens.  Perhaps we will try next week.  While we were there, only one man went through, but it was really a late hour for going to work or for some other commercial business.  Several people returned as they had not found work.