Petah Tikva - Shooting, Remand Extension

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Ada H.

Translation: Jonathan M.

The full report can be found in the Hebrew web site

Judge: Major Itai Regev

Inspector: Ataf Awida

Defense Lawyers: Attornies Mahajna and Abed

Typist: Dror Mandula

Interpretation: Salman Katzur


General: there are 17 detaineesinfo-icon, none of which are barred. Before the beginning of the deliberations I see one detainee standing on the steps with two policemen near by, and one by the door to the courtroom, facing the wall.

Two detainees at a time go up and down the stairs (before and after each session). The detainees are blindfolded, since, according to the police, they are not allowed to see each other. Two detainees are brought into the courtroom. One has its case discussed while the other listens. Then the first detainee is removed and the second one gets to present his case. Most of the detainees are from Nablus; there must be some sort of military operation.

Almost all of the detainees are very thin, some excessively. Some seem much younger than their stated age.

Deliberations start at 10:05. Attorney Mahajna represents all detainees, since attorney Abed is at Ofer detention center and only arrives at noon.

There were many delays in bringing the detainees in and by 12:50 14 cases had been heard, after which a 45-minute break was announced (I did not stay for the later proceedings).


1.            Ra’ad Haled Kuka, Nablus

Arrested: 26.10.07

Request: 8 days.

)Attorney Mahajna tells me that there is nothing against this detainee and he can’t understand why he is being held. Maybe they are trying to link him to something because of the latest event in Sumeria)

Defense Attorney: Objects to the request. The suspect has already been in detention for 25 days. He was not interrogated at all over the past week, and there are no witnesses incriminating him.

Decision: 8 days.


2.            A’amed Awad Shuli, Atzira Smalia

Arrested: 26.10.07

Request: 15 days.

Attorney Mahajna (for attorney Abed): objecting to the request.

Decision: Remand in custody for 15 days.


3.            Maher Suliman Hu’ash. Nablus,

Arrested: 16.10.07

Request: 8 days.

The detainee says that he had a problem with his right hand and so the statement was drafted by the police and he simply signed it. His hand has now improved and he wants to rewrite the statement himself, since he does not agree with all that the interrogator has written. The charges have to do with the use of a firearm that belonged to a friend. The friend works for the Palestinian Authority and the weapon also belongs to the Palestinian Authority. The friend asked him to shoot, and he didn’t train anyone as he was charged.

Decision: The detainee must be allowed to rewrite his statement. Remand in custody for 8 days.


4.            Muataz Nagdi Acdat. Awarta

Arrested: 6.11.07

Request: 15 days.

(The suspect seems extremely thin)

Defense Attorney: The detainee states that he was only interrogated this past Sunday. He has been detained in Hawarra for 11 days and was not interrogated at all. He is being cooperative, has admitted the charges and signed a statement. The suspect makes a request for underwear.

Decision: the suspect has been arrested two weeks ago and his interrogation has only started a few days ago. On 13.11.07 his custody was remanded until the 25.11.07 (meaning that he was brought in 4 days before the end of his custody). His interrogation has already begun and the judge has seen a detailed interrogation plan.

Remand in custody for 8 days.


5.            Abdalla Suliman Hu’ash. Nablus

Arrested: 16.10.07

Request: 8 days

Defense attorney: objects to the request.

Decision: Remand in custody for 8 days.


6.            Morad Mahmud Abu Namus. Nablus

Arrested: 2.11.07

Request: 16 days

Defense Attorney: the suspect has finished his interrogation five days ago. We agree to the transfer of the case to the military prosecution, but ask to reduce the remand in custody period to a minimum, since this case is not complicated.

Decision: Remand in custody for 16 days.


7.            Ayman Daud Mhmud Zackan. Nablus

Arrested: 26.9.07

Request: 23 days.

The suspect enters the courtroom in a jovial manner. He shakes hands with the prosecutor with a wide grin on his face. Despite the fact that he is given a long remand in custody he leaves happy.

Defense Attorney: we agree about transferring the case to the prosecution. In regards to the number of days requested, we leave that to the consideration of the court.

Decision: 23 days.