Jordan Valley: The new fence is getting built and will narrow Palestinian space even more

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Rachel A., Taayush, translation: Tal H

A day without the Israeli army, except for soldier wearing sports clothes running along the road between the army bases from Kfir to Hemdat.

Marvelous weather, amazing colors. Sheep and goats that cannot stop eating. From morning till evening. I have no idea why they eat so much. And behave like a flock of sheep… I was a sole shepherdess, led by them up the hill and left, and then suddenly turning right – and I was the sheep that followed. I had the Palestinian shepherds take a day off and stood in for them. The sheep – this is the truth – would have gotten along fine without me, but the air and the beauty outside called me out. Towards the end the children joined me and led the flock home. How much can be eaten, and grass no less. If it were at least some pasta, or fries….

In the morning the children had a creative class. This is the most studious of pupils, talented and smart. And does everything. For my sake she gave up her unending daily toil and enjoyed the puzzle, the colors, the domino and the laughs. Let the babyinfo-icon wait with the milk…

Up the hill, the new fence is getting built and will narrow Palestinian space even more. The Red Cross representative arrives to hear and write down what he hears. Nothing is being done about it besides. Neither on the Palestinian nor on the Israeli side. So dunam after dunam is being robbed.

An unfamiliar pickup truck gets off the road and stops with I. The driver wishes to buy a kid. I am not selling, says the owner. Waiting for the kid to grow. After having some small talk. The settler-colonist knows this guy and that. Yes, he’s my dad… As if we were in the neighborhood together. Only the one lives down below, a fence can be built on his land, and a drone can be flown to scare his flock. And the other, on top, can afford to come and buy. A kid.