Machsomwatch | Women for human rights and against the occupation
הפגנה למען היתר מעבר לעבודה חקלאית בחלקות הפרטיות
Palestinians prevented from cultivating their own land
Students from USA Give a hand in the seam zone
Students from USA Give a hand in the seam zone
Uprooting trees - at the expense of Palestinian property and exixtance
Land Expropriation, Uprooting trees...
This agricultural gate is an access barrier in the pastoral landscape
Which farmer has a 30 minutes window to pass to his own land?
Natanya, MachsomWatch member demonstrates for Democracy
Natanya, MachsomWatch member demonstrates for Democracy: Occupation weakens Democracy
Tomer Appelbaum

Closureinfo-icon in Israel?! Life stopping? Corona-virus restricts our movement?  Palestinian inhabitants of the West Bank have been living their everyday lives under these conditions for years!!

And this has only been exacerbating: the settler-colonists are escalating their violent actions now. The Israeli army has been avoiding its duty to maintain the Palestinians' rights!

OCHA 2020 update: Over 700 checkpoints and obstructions throughout the West Bank
This is how Palestinians live in 169 enclaves surrounded by ever-expanding checkpoints and settlements