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מחכים לשחרור הקרוסלה

What will you find in our website reports?

These are testimonies about Palestinian lives under occupation – without basic rights, nor any consideration for basic human needs. For Israelis Palestinians are transparent – at construction sites in Israel, in the back of restaurants, harvesting Israeli crops, places where Israelis choose not to work. We of Machsomwatch see them on their lands that have been robbed to become Jewish settler-colonies, near their olive groves that have been fenced away from them, near water holes and wells blocked with rocks, in encampments demolished by Israeli bulldozers time and again, blocked on their way to their own sacred sites, prevented from using highways in the West Bank, unable to reach hospitals in the West Bank – and ground to dust by complicated, Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

All of these, as well as the soldiers at the checkpoints – our own kids who are obliged to personally carry out this merciless occupation policy – are reflected in our reports since January 2001.

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