Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back (reporting); Translator: Natanya


I went out with a heavy heart today. The Palestinian and Israeli dead the events of the last days do not give one rest. What did we think was going to happen.

At the Meitar crossing there is business as usual, the last of the workers and the first of the families of the prisoners. Five buses waited for them on the Israeli side.

The work of changing the fence to a wall next to the passage are coming to an end. There is a strong stink in the place. The Hebron river. And the stink can drive one crazy. It is hard to breathe.

We drove on road 60.

All  along the road are rolling checkpoints.

The photo shows of the checkpoint of Abda.

The other photo shows the Dahariya checkpoint.

We stop to speak to a Palestinian woman and her grandchildren who are with their sheep.  She tells us that the land on which the pillbox is built is that of her family and they sold the land to a family in Hebron. The army paid the family and leased the land for its use.

The family had no option as  they were threatened in every way possible.  She says that the soldiers in the pillbox are pleasant and do not make problems. And it is terrible what is happening. We embraced and parted in the meantime in despair.


The new pillbox in Abda
Hagit Back

We saw many army vehicles  driving with this flag and others with more.

Hebron and it seems as if everyone is enclosed in their homes. Even Abed’s shop is closed.

In the picture is the checkpoint which is not in use yet at the neighborhood of Kapisha.

The checkpoint which is not active yet at the entrance to the Kapisha neigbourhood
Hagit Back
The Apartheid fence at the road down from the Patriarchs Mosque.
Hagit Back

There are soldiers everywhere.  They go in groups of six with drawn weapons. They come down from Abu Snan. They are in deserted homes  which are next to the Pharmacy checkpoint. They go in line in the prayer route. Next to te Pharmacy checkpoint we see the reason why. Today there is  a meeting of the Barak Battalion of the Golani Brigade in Hebron and all the soldiers are on patroll. Just to scare?

There is not one Palestinians at any of the checkpoints.

We went home through the Shani checkpoint to visit the people of Umm El Hiran.

In the picture: Work is being done on the new Jewish settlements of Hiran, the dividing wall and the destruction of the houses of the Bedouin.

There is no limit to evil, to stupidity and to racism and despair.

It is hard to live, hard to breathe.

Work for the new Jewish settlement Hiran, the separating wall and destruction of the Bedouin houses
Hagit Back