At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills, Susiya, Umm Al Kheir

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

Sunday morning, no closureinfo-icon, lots of cars in the parking lot, but the checkpoint is closed!

We drove to Susiya, met Nasser from A-Tuwani, and some volunteers who had come to be present because they were plowing near the settlement under the guard of soldiers. It went well.

We are waiting for news about the trial of Nasser (Basel's father) who has been detained since Tuesday and his trial is taking place today.

We are told that near Umm al-Kheir, the army repeatedly destroys the tent of the Shinaran family, who come to graze their herds in the spring and built their tent near the pasture. We should visit them to see what is happening.

Meanwhile, Abu Safi, is again being harassed by the settler Israel Kaplan who brings his herd to graze and destroys Abu Safi's wheat fieldWhen we arrived, soldiers who had been invited to deal with the matter had just returned, explaining to Kaplan what was allowed and what was forbidden, but he somehow always manages to bring his herd to the land of Abu Safi and destroy his  wheat.

In spite of this, Abu Safi tries to solve the problems with a dialogue, while Kaplan, to my question, said that he also keeps from harming wheat .....(He could probably have sent his herds in another direction, because from every direction, the territories are uninhabited, except for Abu Safi ... but apparently prefers to harass and harass.

In the afternoon we were informed that Nasser was released, on bail of NIS 7,500, asking for help with financing.