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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Settlers, Settlements

Thu, 31.12.2020 At Rashash, above the Jordan Valley
Thu, 05.12.2019 Burin (Yitzhar)
Thu, 14.11.2019 Yasuf: Settlers cut and damaged 58 olive trees laden with fruit in a Palestinian vineyard. WHY???
Mon, 21.10.2019 Burin: The army under the settlers` command expel the Palestinian farmers from their olive grove
Wed, 11.09.2019 Jordan Valley, Rashash: Accompanying Palestinian shepherds in the Jordan Valley
Tue, 15.10.2019 Blocked to Palestinians – Denial of access to land and heritage sites Al Khader, west of Road 60
Tue, 01.10.2019 Etzyon Bloc: Palestinian villages and makams - disappearances and presences
Thu, 05.09.2019 Burin, trapped between Yizhar and Har Beracha, is pummeled incessantly
Mon, 16.09.2019 Palestinian heritage sites (makams) out of bounds for Palestinians
Fri, 30.08.2019 Accompanying Palestinian Shepherds
Mon, 02.09.2019 Caged Maqams in the West Bank: The Jewish settler-colonists are systematically Judaizing the occupied Muslim heritage and holy sites (makams)
Thu, 11.07.2019 Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction
Wed, 17.07.2019 Jordan valley Dir J`arir: One little battle won today
Tue, 25.06.2019 'Awarta
Thu, 13.06.2019 Rashas, Jordan Valley: duel at mid day
Mon, 25.03.2019 Mes'ha - the CP closes too early and the work cannot be finished
Sun, 24.03.2019 'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Haris, Kifl Harith, Qira
Thu, 07.03.2019 Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla Checkpoint (1393), Huwwara, Kifl Harith, Za'tara (Tapuah)
Mon, 28.01.2019 'Awarta, Burin (Yitzhar)
Tue, 08.01.2019 Marda, Iskaka and Qabalan, located in the Salfit and Nablus vicinity
Thu, 17.01.2019 Habla - the checkpoint was closed early. People who came on time were not let through
Tue, 15.01.2019 As Sawiya, Al Lubban al Sharqiya villages. Rehelim sewage flows into the olive groves of As-Sawiya
Tue, 11.12.2018 Visit to the villages Turmus Aya and Sinjil
Wed, 12.12.2018 Ariel settler-colony security road, and the separation fence that buried Makam Sheikh Ahmad Al Qassab
Mon, 12.11.2018 Jordan Valley
Sun, 09.09.2018 Ariel checkpoing. Rosh Hashana eve
Wed, 02.05.2018 Visit to Yatma
Sun, 25.03.2018 Burin (Yitzhar)
Tue, 27.02.2018 Burin (Yitzhar), Habla Checkpoint (1393), Huwwara, Jit Junction, Madama, Za'tara (Tapuah)
Wed, 17.01.2018 Huwwara, Udala, Awarta
Sun, 31.12.2017 Nabi Salah, road 450: the Israeli appetite for Palestinian lands grows consistently
Mon, 11.09.2017 Palestinian Jorden Valley: The Israeli army in the service of the settlers
Wed, 30.08.2017 Yasuf and Iskaka
Thu, 07.09.2017 Occupied Jordan Valley
Fri, 25.08.2017 Palestinian Jordan Valley (Ujja) - the Israeli army at the service of the settler-colonists
Thu, 31.08.2017 Beit Amin, Habla, Mas'ha
Thu, 24.08.2017 'Einabus, Beit Furik, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)
Mon, 07.08.2017 Theft of Nabi Salah’s land to expand the Halamish settlement
Tue, 13.06.2017 The illegal outpost organized water for itself, law be damned
Sat, 20.05.2017 Um Zuka, Bardala
Thu, 18.05.2017 A violent demonstration in Huwwara.
Wed, 10.05.2017 Giv’at Hayekavim
Wed, 03.05.2017 Haris
Sun, 07.05.2017 Jordan Valley: violence against Palestinians is growing
Tue, 09.05.2017  Palestinian Jordan Valley following occupier's crimes: house demolitions and water theft
Wed, 03.05.2017 Jordan Valley: Rotem settlement continues to spread
Thu, 13.04.2017 Armed settlers from the settlement Yizhar attack members of MachsomWatch in Urif
Wed, 19.04.2017 Construction for the settlers, destruction for the Palestinians, Deir Balut, Burin
Wed, 05.04.2017 Burin (Yitzhar), Madama
Wed, 15.03.2017 Armed settlers backed up by police and army harass Palestinians
Sat, 18.03.2017 Jordan Valley: what is new with the illegal colonist outposts ?
Sun, 05.03.2017 Armed Settlers Violently Attack Palestinian Shepherds
Tue, 07.03.2017 The Palestinian Jordan Valley
Wed, 22.02.2017 Deir Ballut, Kufr alDik
Thu, 16.02.2017 Palestinian Jordan Valley
Sun, 15.01.2017 Palestinian Jordan Valley: the new colonist outpost
Tue, 14.02.2017 Jordan Valley
Tue, 07.02.2017 Again homes are mercilessly demolished
Tue, 17.01.2017 Nabi Ilyas
Sun, 22.01.2017 Qabalan, Yatma.
Wed, 11.01.2017 Ni'lin (Qiryat Sefer)
Wed, 30.11.2016
Tue, 20.12.2016 Jordan Valley
Tue, 08.11.2016 Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing)
Tue, 11.10.2016 Jordan Valley: Israeli army demolishes dwellings in Ras Al Ahmar, settlers put up another outpost
Wed, 14.09.2016 Palestinian Jordan Valley, visit at encampments on the ground, Akaba
Mon, 12.09.2016 Qalandiya
Tue, 30.08.2016 Palestinian Jordan Valley – filming at Fassail, a visit to En Al Hilwa
Thu, 25.08.2016 Qusra
Tue, 16.08.2016 Burin (Yitzhar)
Sun, 21.08.2016 Jama’in, Iskaka
Thu, 18.08.2016 Palestinian Jordan Valley
Tue, 12.07.2016 Hamra (Beqaot), Ma'ale Efrayim, Za'tara (Tapuah)
Tue, 19.07.2016 Hamra (Beqaot), Ma'ale Efrayim, Za'tara (Tapuah)
Sun, 19.06.2016 Huwwara
Wed, 01.06.2016 Jalud
Sun, 22.05.2016 Yasuf
Mon, 09.05.2016 Haris, Kifl Harith
Thu, 05.05.2016 Hamra (Beqaot), Za'tara (Tapuah)
Wed, 27.04.2016 Qusra, Talfit
Wed, 30.03.2016
Wed, 23.03.2016 Duma
Wed, 09.03.2016 Al-Mughayyir, Duma
Tue, 01.03.2016 Madama
Wed, 24.02.2016
Wed, 03.02.2016