Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Ariela, Michal (reporting)and Tzvia Shapira, Irit Segoli,  Nurit Popper and Riki Shaked-Trainin (visitors); Translator: Natanya

On  road 60 we saw nothing new.

We met our friends at the Cave of the Patriarchs.

We first went to the house of Rubhi, an old friend who lives near the cave. We went to his house through the Muslim entrance. He and his family greeted us with great happiness and insisted we stay to lunch.

After that we went to meet Abu Aysha. It was important to be there after the horrific happenings of the last two weeks, both with the soldiers and with the settlers.

Because he had told of his historic friendship with the Ezra family, Irit asked to meet him and to tell him of her family connections with this family and to hear from him again on the old ties with the Jews of Hebron in 1948.

Before we went in we met Baruch Marzel.  Afterwards we learned why.

This "beautiful" man met us with the words, “Tell me, why are all you women from Machsomwatch so ugly?”  Ariela asked if  he had a mirror in his home and I told him that he was a ugly inside as outside. At least after that he shut up.

When we were sitting in  the house exactly next to the post of the soldiers at Tel Rumeida we heard a lot of noise. Abu Aysha thought that the settlers had heard that we were there and were gathering and that the soldiers had come to prevent anything happening. But at the end of the visit it appeared that we were not the important  people there at that date.

Elor Azaria with a gathering of his followers had been invited with great honour to visit site of his criminal act.  And we saw them at the ascent to Tel Rumeida.  Many very tense soldiers were three and also  an ambulance for safety’s sake, also Ofer Ohana of course, who cursed Imad, the photographer of B'tselem. This is how the narrative of their heroism is being built.

I hope that the Ministry of education under the administration of Naftali Bennett will not add this story to the new educational curriculum.

On our way back at the welded floor of the house of the Zehira family there was new graffiti:

“The house of Kalev ben Yefune will be evacuated.  Arabs entered into this house illegally.” 

Michal Tsadik