Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 29.6.08, Morning

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Elena L., Paula R. (reporting)

guests: Dana and Doron

06:30 – 10:30

Meitar-Sansana CP
We arrived at 06:45. There were no lines of workers on the Palestinian side. At the Israeli side, the Palestinians greeted us and were pleased to inform that since two more posts had been opened, the passage is smooth. Shlomi, the efficient manager of the CP told us that on Sundays some 1200 people cross without difficulty, as we have witnessed and the people confirmed.

This was the good part of our shift.

Road 60 
As our driver remarked, most of the main roads to the towns along the road are blocked, like: Dahriyya, Samoa, and Dir-Razek. Dirt mounds and concrete blocks and boulders still disrupt the normal “fabric of life”.

At Shiuch junction a BP jeep parked but there were no detaineesinfo-icon. A passer-by told us that youngsters are often detained for hours at the junction.

We arrived after eight o’clock. Apart from heavy military presence at every corner and turn, the place looked almost deserted. Up at Tel-Rumeida, a nervous soldier called his superiors to ask what to do with those machsom-watch intruders, and a settler seemed to reprimand him for not stopping us by all means. Down, passing along the Shuhada street, as we were conversing with a resident, who cleans the entrance to his home, here the hooligan, Ofer, “accompanies” us with his foul language: “Rabin gave them weapons and look, with god’s help, he is in his grave. In short time you will follow him”. Soon a mob gathers around us and the police arrived, demanding from us our Ids. Instead of protecting us, he is anxious to pacify the settlers. As we left, I thought of the courage the Palestinian resident showed, by carrying out simple functions as keeping clean the entrance to his home in these violent circumstances.