Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 11.3.12, Morning

Paula, Yael (reporting)

Hebron Hills and City, Sunday 11/3/12
Maitar: The workers have already passed the checking, the Palestinian side empty and the Israeli parking lot packed with cars and men waiting for the last to arrive.
Golany is still in town but the flags around the base were put down. We were told that they are leaving this week

Pharmacy C.P – The CPT observers told us about some strict checking earlier and one detainee but while we were there all went smoothly.
We followed the path going up from the Moslem cemetery towards Tel Rumaida. The blue signs led us to Abraham's spring and then to the Archeological site next to the settlers neighborhood.  Two soldiers watch us politely, with one, a new comer from N.Y we had a nice talk. When we got out from the white house of the family who lives next to the military base at Tel Rumaida we were questioned by the officer there for our security, as he mentioned.
The road next to Abraham's Cave was closed for some minutes due to a suspected sack on the road. The police checked it and reopened the road quickly.
The way back through Rd 317 – We climbed to the Anthena Hill and met a military car watching there. Rocks and cement were found there, a decorative wall was built around the olive tree and it seems as if there are plans for more works.