Tel Rumeida - cars are not allowed and the heavy burden is carried on the back

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Lea and M. Translator: Natanya
אנשים עם מטען
אנשים צפופים עם מסכות הגנה מהדבקה 29.6.2020
חלק מהודעה בדר הר חברון
כרזת הכוונה למוזיאון
ציור קיר
ציור מתאר משפחה יהודית

M.  reports that yesterday, a large number of Palestinians went to work for a few weeks in Israel, very crowded and carrying mattresses which  they took with them to sleep:

 And now for today.

Route 60:

The Palestinian Authority's barricade at the Dura entrance has been removed. In the morning, however, the IDF blocked the entrance to  El Fawwar, as well as south of the junction at the entrance to El Fawwar. A little later these had been removed.

The ads in praise of sovereignty were removed from the 60 road and remained  only at the hitchhiking entrance to Kiryat Arba. But later on in Gush Etzion I saw this ad later, which calls for a hill to be populated on 60 Road north of Halhul.



The settlers excel in visually taking over all the space, through loads of ads which  are pasted everywhere and point the direction  to various sites, here Beit Midrash, a museum name, and so on

Tel Rumeida: Al Haj Radi Hamad, whose house at the corner is next to the soldiers, points to the closed iron doors, where his son had a supermarket, which was closed 20 years ago, at which time they also closed the family copper factory up in Tel Rumeida, where 20 workers were employed. Precisely at this moment his 86-year-old brother descend with difficulty. He lives on the road going up to Tel Rumeida but needs permission to get to his home. The cars are left  far away and the gas balloons have to be carried home on the back. He said that today senior personalities visit the settlers in a convoy. In the corner, two officers with the rank of captain are talking to a man in civilian dress whom the Haj identifies as GSS men. 

.Kiryat Arba: Following the street signs that refer to the "Museum of the Land of Judah", we are directed to the location - inside the local council offices which are in the large commercial center. Someone suggests that I should not  be disappointed because "it's not very much“. In the end, the upper floor with the museum can only be seen through the glass wall. For some reason it can only be reached by an elevator and can only be opened with a special key. Exhibitions of Jewish archeology in the Land of Judah, or photographs, and the style mimics museums such  as the Bible Lands Museum.

 The local council building is interesting in itself, full of men in large knitted kippot  coming out of the office of the head of the council and in the other offices only women with head coverings of course.

Let it be clear: Kiryat Arba is Hebron, yes ?!

And down the hall an example of multiculturalism [Jews only] in the settlements of course.

And finally at the exit, on private Palestinian land, there is already the statement of the plan for construction of a winery.