Raya Yeor; Translator: Natanya

In Hebron Zidan Sharhabati rreports that settlers entered the kindergarten of Tel Rumeida opposite Beit Hadassah. They took down the Palestinian flag and tore down the awning which shades the children of the kindergarten and as of now there is no shade outside. Zidan complained to the army who told him that the matter would be dealt with and I also asked the soldiers to set up shading for the kindergarten. 

There are new checkpoints over Tel Rumeida  One of the photos show this.

At the Makhpela (Cave of the Patriarchs) house business as usual. Children are cleaning the expansion and soldiers are guarding them.

The checkpoint at Kapisha is working and there is no passage to the workshop of Azzam.

A new checkpoint over Tel Rumaida
Raya Yeor