Hebron - Makhpela house

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Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
בית המכפלה

The  Makhpela house

The organization of Harkhiva Ohalech (expand your tent), an organization from the Jewish community in Hebron is trying to expand Jewish control in Hebron in every way.

They use  the octopus method, each house is far from the other house and is close to Palestinian neighbors whose life becomes restricted, following the purchase of the house by Jews. More blocks and more barriers are being set up.

The Makhpela House is located near the pharmacy checkpoint and the al-Fahiya school, a girls' school. The bought house has Palestinian neighbors and we talk to them for a long time today.

They are afraid.

The Appeals Committee approved the purchase of the Makhpela house, and Jews will be able to enter it, for the first time since they were voluntarily evicted more than two years ago.

This is the language of the message from yesterday at the Kiipa site.

In the picture:

The settlers' car and doors are painted in the white by the settlers and an open door of the Palestinian residents.

Hagit of Peace Now said that the court's decision would be appealed.

Yesterday the school year began in the Palestinian Authority.

Pictured below is the school in Deir Razak

In general everything is desolate  and the heat is unbearable