Northern checkpoints, Barta`a: A Palestinian boy collects bottles and tin cans to get a refund and make some money.

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Elia Levi, Ruthi Tuval Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham
מכוניות תקעות לפני הבטונדות במחסום. לצידו הימני השלט האדום המכריז על סכנה לישראלים
אישה באזור חניית מכוניות משוחחת עם מספר גברים
ילד, על שפת המדרכה בין מכוניות חונות מוכר דלי עם תירס ודלי עם עגבניות
נער, מעבר לבטונדה בודק את המיכל הירוק של הפסולת

Traffic was weaving through the concrete barriers at the ugly Yaabed – Dotan Checkpoint without delay.  Consideration is needed for the drivers who are fasting in the hot weather.  The soldiers arrived – to ensure our security. 

The Barta’a Checkpoint was suffering in the heat.  A boy was selling corn and tomatoes in buckets.  A bucket of corn cost NIS 20.  We bought some and added some more money.  People who were requesting permits surrounded Elia, and she advised them patiently with a smile.   She was treated with respect.  When we exited we were sent to the inspection point again.  

At Tura, the “Fabric of Life” checkpoint, it appeared that the soldiers were bored (reminiscent of the song about soldiers lazing about in the heat).  A Palestinian boy who received permission from the soldiers was busy gathering bottles and tin cans on the security road to redeem for deposits from the IDF trash container between the fences.   He returned them in a carton to the gate on the Palestinian side.