Corona Report: In a legal intervention, the army removed a blockage erected in the Jordan Valley

Sharon Gamzo submits a telephone report

Phone Report in times of Corona:

It took legal intervention for the Israeli army to remove a roadblock in the Palestinian Jordan Valley

March 26, 2020
Sharon Gamzo

We heard today that the barrier blocking the track to the Al Farisiya shepherd community in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, that we reported March 23, has been removed. I turned to Attorney Eitay Mack who lodged a complaint with the Chief Army Attorney. Today a military bulldozer arrived and took down the dirt pile it had put up there three days ago. Only by intervention of legal elements did the army go back on its deed and retract. Note that this road blockage denied dozens of children, women, men and the elderly access to the main road by which they could travel to the nearby large village or town to purchase food, see a doctor.

The pressure we exert is significant, and should be continued.

Good days’ wishes…