Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Natanya Ginsburg (translating)

On the way to the Meitar checkpoint and around it, we see that  the Border Police have intensified their efforts to catch illegal workers.  All the exits and entrances to Road 60 are open with no checkpoints or roadblocks.

Only the bulldozer is picking up the roadblocks and stones on both sides of Route 60.

Last night I received pictures from Issa that they stole a gate from a house next to the Jilber checkpoint in Tel Rumeida.  I met Issa today who took me to show the place. The soldiers who were less than ten meters away did not see or move. The house is the home of Yisha Abu Haykal.

In the picture below: The fence without a gate. The soldier shouts to Issa to be quiet. 

We accompanied him in the previous attacks from which he  suffered and we were with him in other crises, I became old and he became a very impressive activist. In this house, the Hebron people learned to photograph with the  B'Tselem cameras by Michael, Tzipi's son. I have known Issa since he was a boy.  Michael lived there and taught them. Issa and Michael became  bosom friends. Michael is sick. And now Issa leads the non-violent opposition in Hebron.

Last night, settlers demolished a room that had been enlarged. It was very hard and heavy work to carry the building materials, because only Jewish cars are allowed to drive there, and the financial and personal damage is great. There, too, the demolition  is carried on  under the soldiers' noses. In the security cameras no faces are seen. They all wear stocking hats. But how did one settler say today? They'll all get out of here themselves or we'll blow them up.

In the meantime, the Palestinians' "standfastness" is very impressive.

The new blockages that the bulldozers next to the village of Deir Razih.

It was very cold also in the heart.  

The fence without the gate
The "sumud" of the Palestinians is very impressive
Kafisha neighbourhood - Zion Hebron axis A
Kafisha neighbourhood - Zion Hebron axis B