Etzion DCL The Banality of Evil

Ora A. Shlomit S. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 many cars were parked in the lot and the waiting room was full. The waiting people received numbers but were not let in. Some complained that they were waiting for a long time. We spoke to the soldier on duty and said that many people were waiting in the hall. "Let them wait" said the soldier and ended the conversation. Nevertheless, soon after, a loudspeaker announced numbers and invited their carriers to enter. 
An older man approached us and said that his son is very ill and is hospitalized in Israel. He spent three weeks at his bedside and then went home for a day. When he wanted to return to the patient, they did not allow him to enter Israel. We advised him, and other prevented who turned to us, our best advices. We found out that those waiting in the hall were occasionally let in and before we left the hall began to empty.