Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back (reporting and photographing), Orna (a guest); Natanya Ginsburg (translating)

We entered the Palestinian territory through the gate to the road leading to Negohot and Hursa. If our driver,M., had been traveling alone without Israelis,  he would not have been allowed to enter.

Today, the settlement of Negohot extends over three hills that are far apart from each other on Palestinian land. One hill is an agricultural farm and two are residential. This is the way to take control of the land and expel the Palestinians from their land.

We visited the people in the Palestinian house next to the pillbox. The people there are fasting  before the holiday. They tell us again about their drop in income from the stores because people are afraid to stop by the pillbox, about arrests of young people and their being kept under arrest and then released for no particular reason. About night walks in the village. The occupation in all its glory.

Development is taking place on Hill 22 in northern Kiryat Arba. Again the same method of the octopus with the tentacles spread out. There  is already an observation point and garbage containers. Hill of the Messenger, the settlers call it. There are no people today but flags and barbed wire fences. And very much so, a ban on Palestinians entering.

There are hardly any people in the streets and those who do so are immediately stopped by a Border policeman who today checks everyone. We went up to the spring  and then got to the Cordoba school from the back.

The doors of the houses are covered with slogans as you can see in the picture below. The area of the  trees of the Cordoba school are a mass of  thorns. The settlers burned the trees which were planted. How much strength is needed to plant each time anew. The settlers adorned the stairs that led to the Cordoba school with potted plants. Apartheid is perfect here.

There are new flags which remain in the alley that descends to the Hebron Yeshiva. Remnants from last week's flag parade.

The picture below is at the entrance to the base in Hebron. These are the future plans for the place. The process of building approval is still under discussion in the courts.

On our way out of Hebron, we see a sign directing to the observation point The Three and to Ma'ayan Hai. We go to the Tamimi home to ask him exactly where he is. It turns out that it lies below the antenna hill and water pools. This is the new amusement park for the people of Kiryat Arba. We meet girls from Kiryat Arba who came to swim. The pool is located on private Palestinian land but for who cares. Tamimi tells us that every Friday dozens of cars arrive there. The main thing is to immerse and purify. They will not be cleansed so quickly from the horror of the occupation.

 Besides, we shot a video in which Tamimi told Nima what happened at the wedding of his two sons two weeks ago.

You can see the video in the following link:


This is all for the moment.

The doors of the houses are covered with slogans
The doors of the houses are covered with slogans
Hagit Back
At the entrance to the base in Hebron: These are the future plans for the place
At the entrance to the base in Hebron: These are the future plans for the place
Hagit Back