New outpost near Hebron: Yehuda 2

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Hagit Bak report and photos. translation Tal H.

Yesterday, during our vigil, (July 18) we found the extension (illegal outpost) of Havat Yehuda settler-colony. Today we went into the details. The man running Havat Yehuda is called Elyashiv Nahum. The central part of this ranch is located inside the illegal outpost of Eshtamo’a (see Talya Sasson’s report on the outposts). He has extended the ranch another 3 kilometers on the other side of the road, opposite the gate of Sham’a. We came with a jeep today and tried to take pictures of the ranch. He saw us from afar and tried to run and chase us away. We re-entered our vehicle and drove back to the main road. He entered his own car and followed us.

We stopped, he stopped. Each disembarked and a war of cameras ensued. Accompanied by talks. The cameras went silent. Elyashiv said they have permits from the Israel Land Administration. He tried to show me these permits on his phone but couldn’t find them. Said Zanouta villagers sold him the land. That he does not invade privately-owned fields with his flocks. That Yinon from Meitarim ranch also had agreements with Zanouta villagers. And in short, it is only we, leftists, who kindle the atmosphere, and otherwise everything runs smoothly and legally.

I asked him: if this is so, why was he chasing me? What has he got to hide? He did not answer.

At some distance stood a police van, and Elyashiv tried to get the policemen involved. They didn’t approach us. He said he knew who I was, that he already googled me and knows everything…

I think (I know this from Hagit Oftan of Peave Now) that he held a Crowd Funding Campaign to expand his ranch, all without any permits from anyone. He also said that all the lands there are included in the masterplan for settler-colony Sham’a. Otherwise, I don’t understand how he has money to build what he is buiding now. I reported this to Hagit Ofran and to Dror Etkes. We left heavy-hearted.

The entire settler-colonist project is illegal, and they have never heard of human dignity. At least, not of Palestinian human dignity.