Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Nurit Popper and Uri Goldstein (journalist), Michal (photographing and reporting); Translator: Natanya

South Hebron hills and Hebron

The Meitar checkpoint at 8.30 is empty. The filth surrounding it is shameful.

All the entrances to the villages along the area are open except for Abda and Deir razak. The entrance to Dahariya is open but an army vehicle is parked there. We went to meet the family of Atta Haber who live below the neighbourhood of Nofei Mamrei which is spread out over the entire beautiful valley which is full of vineyears which stretch as far as the settlement of Kiryat Arba.  For  now we can see that they have a sufficient amount of water but nothing is sure. Atta is fluent and intelligent but looks 80 years of 80 and not the 50  which he says he is. His face is full of wrinkles and  his teeth like that of all the family are rotten.

We spoke for a long time.  He understands and is familiar  with all. Speaks English. He was also in Geneva with Nassar Nawaj'a from Susiya concerning the subject of human rights.

Their state is no worse than it was before but the combination of uncertainty and not being able to plan their lives is stronger than ever. He says that the young people are completely in despair. He asked us to go to another vineyard and to see if there are grapes (maybe the settlers have already stolen) and if there are to help him get permission from the DCO. If he receives it then Taayush and those of us  (who can do so) should come and be at his side in case the settlers of Kiryat Arba would come to harass him. This is a vineyard which he is not allowed to approach because of the nearness to the road of Kiryat Arba. 7.5 dunam of the vineyard which he can only farm with a special permit. This year because of the many events in the area he has not been allowed to go there.

The vineyard is thirsty for water and the weeds are high, covering each corner of the ripe grapes. We cut a bunch and brought them to him so as to decide because we think that soon no one will buy these grapes. He said  that the grapes were excellent and it would be possible to make thick grape jam (dabas) or raisins. He said he would ask for a permit and if he received it then we would try to help him when necessary. If there are more who are interested we will be in touch.

We  went to Hebron…Kiryat Arba is celebrating and filled with decorations and posts and the way past the grave of Goldstein is blocked.  The soldiers say 

It is only possible to get into the area with special transport for those celebrating.

We passed up the opportunity to rub shoulders with those celebrating.

But the political view and the intentions of the people of the settlement are clearly understood from each post which is hung there.

At the entrance to the grave visitors are invited to the succah which has been built there.





The house of Shalom which is a house of contention and which they say is their property is to be They already  have plans to build the house of peace (which is the house of contention)


There is a demand to build Mitpeh Avichai. cid:457D97D8-12AD-490D-896C-DA35431A9969

Secondly Amuna will not fall again…..Massada?



Many buses full of people arrive to fill the religious demands of this city. Many soldiers and police already secure the area from the gas station to the entrance to Kiryat Arba.

Who cares about 100.000 Palestinians who live in Hebron and the area?