Qalandiya - filth and rubbish everywhere and only little traffic

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Shlomit Steinitz and Hanna Barag (reporting) and two guests; Translator: Hanna K.

We arrived at Qalandiya at 15:15. This time we parked at the “Israeli side”, in the small parking lot near the café. The place was filthy,  there was rubbish everywhere. We fought our way through the heaps of rubbish in the direction of the monster – the bridge. Only a distorted mind could place a bridge on the site where it was built. We climbed up the monster and stood to watch the view and to explain to our guests where we were situated and what we were seeing. Below, at the vehicle passage, there was a small uproar. There were a few security persons standing around a car that had stopped. A man who needed crutches emerged from the car. As we were standing on the bridge, we were not able to find out what the matter was. However, we were quickly discerned by the security persons and they immediately were on their way up towards us. It seems that the actions of the most enlightened occupation in the world, are not as enlightened as all that, otherwise why this fear? We decided to give up and continued towards the yearned-for paradise – the Qalandiya checkpoint! We sat down of the stairs, below the signpost welcoming the people arriving at the Qalandiya passage – which we had seen tens of times, and which evokes each time a sad smile. Whoever arrives here needs more that a salute by the occupation regime. There was very little traffic. The taxis stood waiting for the passengers – who were not there. While we were chatting, the General Security Service (Shabac) and Police preventees arrived. The guests had an opportunity to hear from the source itself how life is under the permits regime. A stranger would not be able to understand this!

We quickly passed through the checkpoint. At the exit we waited for one of the guests who tarried as he had to thread his belt back into his trousers. One of the security people arrived to find out what the matter was. We showed him our badge and his face wore a sour expression. The thoughts that must have gone in his mind were easy to guess, even without words.

We returned to the monster\bridge and from there to the piles of garbage, the car and home. Another day in Qalandiya!