Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Semadar and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya


We ran into some kind of event. Soldiers walking around in the middle of the day.

After clarifying with the local people, it turns out that the sewage from the pillbox is directed to the street and flows unimpeded. The residents called the soldiers for this purpose. Even local television perpetuates this disgust. 


Givati soldiers are now in every corner.

Near the Cave of the Patriarchs, many ultra-Orthodox travel in groups. Extensive renovation works near Beit Rachel and Beit Leah, properties which has been purchased and it is planned to connect to the Cave of the Patriarchs complex.

People say that 4 people who live near the pharmacy checkpoint were arrested tonight. We also heard from the souvenir shop owner about last night's event. From the narrator's point of view: Soldiers arrested a Palestinian known to be problematic, and the settlers joined in.

But to the joy of the spectators, the Border Guard soldiers intervened in favor of the Palestinians and stopped the riot.

In this whole terrible city, the trend of annexation is most noticeable. Also in house renovations in the cave area and Zion Axis (Beit Hatekuma). Not far from there is the House of Contention.

There are tons of posters, stickers and graffiti on every possible wall, corner and fence. All of them focus on the history, the sanctity and the mitzvah of the redemption of the place and its construction by Jews. 

Givat Hamevaser (The Hill of the Herald) is located on the outskirts of Arab Hebron, and from it you can see the neighborhoods like the Hakharsina Hill, and the mixing of the two peoples.

The Israel Defense Forces yesterday destroyed the entire infrastructure of the road and intersection built by the Palestinians. It seems as if they are planning something, beyond the power struggles. We will have to keep following.