Khursa - with a pillbox in its midst

Pnina and Hagit (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
הסימונים של שביל הטיול הוא נסיון של המתנחלים להכניס לשביל ישראל את הטיולים שלהם

Another day of fighting in the Gaza Strip. An endless round that leaves the Palestinians and Jews alike in despair between the sea and the Jordan. Bibi who wants to escape the trial ... ... Islamic Jihad .... doesn't want to be an interpreter, but all the Palestinians we met today feel the same and how one of them said now would be a turn of revenge again.

We did not want to enter Hebron (I did not have the strength to meet with the violence of  settlers), so we passed the Negohot checkpoint and drove until Khursa, we left for Highway 60 and returned home.

The Negohot  settlement is spreading and stealing agricultural areas of the Palestinians in the area.

The marking of the hiking trail is an attempt by the settlers to become part of the official Israeli hiking trail. We also found signs of long trenches and we have no idea why they were dug. We passed this  on to Dror Arkes  to find out.

A pillbox sits in the heart of the town of Hursa. According to the words of the neighbors four times a day the soldiers come down but not  at regular times

erect a barrier. The soldiers at the checkpoint are now a mixed battalion of girls and boys and the Palestinians complain that they are the worst. (Whoever thought it was feminism, was wrong). Each battalion that comes comes in four months of line. Both this morning and yesterday and yesterday, searches were carried out in the houses next to the pillbox.

At six in the morning, they enter the family home, wake everyone up, put them in one room of the house and search the rest of the house. No one is arrested, it takes about an hour and everyone is released. All this is just to prove who is in control and who is in control and who is in power.

I did not stop saying that there are Israelis of another kind .... I don't think this morning it made a difference and not to me either

What else can we do or not do and the occupation is alive and kicking and kills all the time.