Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A.  Translation: Naomi Gal


Despite the closureinfo-icon and the rain people did arrive at DCL one by one. A woman with a child was immediately let in. Three more people were let in after her; they came to ask for permits to travel to the hospital. A young man came out and said he’d asked for a permit for his brother, a diabetic who suffers from a severe problem in his leg, and was referred from the Bethlehem hospital to Mokasad Hospital in East Jerusalem. He also asked for a permit to be able to accompany his brother. He received an entry permit while his sick brother did not(!). We spoke to Hannah B. and passed along to him a few practical suggestions from her. 

A tall guy (very thin) approached us, and said he was "police-prevented for 100 years." He tries and fails to get from the DCL policeman the computerized form that will allow him to find out why he is prevented and take care of prevention. He continued to talk and describe and was so discouraged at the end of his speech that he said:" I do not want to do anything any longer." At the window set a woman-soldier who spoke to us aggressively and was not particularly kind to the Palestinians.