The northern checkpoints are deserted. Everyone knows why

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Ruthi T. and Rachel W. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

06:45 - About 20 cars wait for the many workers who come up via the breaches in the separation fence next to Luxor and via the obscured road from the west to Barta’a Checkpoint.

Harmesh Checkpoint  Deserted.  Everything in the surrounding area is blooming.  The olive groves are full of wooly clover (Trifolium eriosphaerum).

Ya’bed-Dotan Checkpoint  Quiet.  Flowing.  A soldier in a military vehicle that arrives from Mevo Dotan settlmemt, asks what we are doing here.  After we identified ourselves as members of Machsom Watch, he gestured positively, thumb up.

Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint  Almost deserted.  Did everyone cross via the breaches in the fence?

07:45, Tura Checkpoint  Here also, it is almost devoid of workers and those returning. The workers already don’t need the crossings and permits; they cross via the closest breaches in the separation fence.

Additional comment by Ruti:  We were supposed to meet A. at Umm al-Fahm, a Palestinian active in welfare organizations, who lives in greater Jenin, next to the village of Silat al-Haratia where, during the night, the army destroyed two terrorists’ houses.  He wasn’t able to come because the exits from the village were blocked.  This may possibly explain the relatively quiet checkpoints.