'Azzun, 'Izbat Salman North checkpoint 1419, Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Leora G.B., Shoshi A. (reporting and photos)

1473 CP is still closed. A new signpost warns about “danger for life”. Hallo! What is dangerous here?



The tractor driver arrives first. He parks, descends and sits in the shade of the tree to rest.




From the system road there arrives a tractor loaded with fragrant Za'tar sacks. The plots belonging to the three farmers are situated to the left of the system road and the checkpoint near to them, no. 1774, has been closed when it was decided to open CP no. 1473Why can’t the crew which opens this checkpoint  and continutes in the direction of Habla, open the second checkpoint on its way too?

The gate should be opened at 12:45 for a quarter of an hour. When it isn’t opened? I contact the DCO to inform them of the delay.

12:55 the military jeep arrives. A soldier takes his place at the observation post. His colleagues open the iron gate. 8 people enter, 3 come out. Within 5 minutes all have passed. The crew closes the CP and goes on its way. If the army orders would be a bit more logical, gate 1447 would now be opened in order to facilitate life for those coming from Izbat Salaman and Izbat Jal’ud. But the crew hurries to Habla. 5 minutes. This is all that is needed in order to make life easier for the Palestinians. But who cares…



Z. approaches us. He has a plot of 40 dunams but only he has a permit to reach his land. Not his wife nor his children. How can I alone process such a big plot he asks. Once permits were given to the entire family. Today only to me. I contact Walid. He asks me to tell Z. to go to the Eyal CP on Wednesday and to approach the officer there. I impart the message although I know that nobody will help him at the Eyal CP.

We leave and continue to the Habla – no. 1393 CP.


13:20 The gate is open. A tender with enormous sacks  which probably contain agricultural products enters. Seeds? Fertilizer? It is not clear to us. On the Habla side men, women and a few vehicles are waiting.

8 vehicles, trucks tenders and tractors come out. Also 9 pedestrians. A tractor, a private car and two bicycle riders enter.

13:25 A student minibus from Arab A-Ramadin comes out and returns about a quarter of an hour later, without the students, on its way to Habla.


We meet our friend the owner of the herd. He and his two children lead horses. He continues on his way and his children return home to Habla on foot.

We visit the plant nursery and continue to Azun to unload many parcels in Z.’s shop.