Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Natanya Ginsburg (translating)

For a moment you could get confused because there were no roadblocks on any exit to Route 60, and only in a pillbox in Dura al-Fawwar did soldiers get out of a military vehicle and assimilate into the landscape. As if it is normal here. The vegetable stands near the junction have already received demolition orders and we have already got used to the scenes of the occupation until it seemed to us that this is how life should look.

We decided to see what was going on in Givat Hamevasser (Harbinger Hill), Hill 22, north of Kiryat Arba, a new neighborhood of Kiryat Arba, which lies inside Hebron in the direction of Halhul. We enter this neighborhood through the square of Beit 'Anun Hebron.

And this is what we saw: First they flatten the hills so that they can built on and then they fill the ground with waste and refuse. Then they bring a bulldozer and earth and so they build a new neighborhood.

We wanted to continue toward Hebron and what we see is a new army checkpoint under the northern hill of Kiryat Arba. Palestinians offered us alternative routes. They say that this is the way things have been every day for the past two weeks, and there are signs of building a new checkpoint. This is the traffic artery that leads to the Kefisha neighborhood and the Zion route, and perhaps a new prayer route is being prepared here, intended for the northern neighborhoods of Kiryat Arba. Every Saturday already they go this way. What we have left to do  is to keep track. Hagit Ofran of Peace Now who is monitoring construction in the settlements also received this information,.

Of course we will continue to follow.

The masters of the land continue to sabotage the chances of living here in peace.

In order to flatten the land they fill the area with debris and garbage
Givat Hamevasser (Harbinger Hill) - north of Kiryat Arba