South Hebron Hills

Raya Y, Translator: Natanya
הנוף ה והמרחבים הפתוחים של אזור דרום הר חברון

We passed the Negohot checkpoint, greeted the soldier and the woman soldier wishing them a good signature for the end of Yom Kippur when according to Jewish tradition our fate for the next year will be decided and entered. The entrance is to Jews only, if you are a Bedouin Arab or Christian, entrance is forbidden as on most settlements unless the Palestinian has a permit to work there. 

Along the way a military jeep manned by 2 girls guarding the Palestinians in the olive harvest.

Next, the gate to 'Beit Awa is closed and a number of soldiers passing through the fence roam freely inside Area A. which is supposed to be under Palestinian control…..”supposed”.

Inside Khursa near the pillbox the gate is locked. Yusef's son from Khursa reported to us that this year the soldiers  added checkpoints and meticulously inspected vehicles and residents exiting the village.

The photo shows the view and open spaces of the South Hebron area near a house of Ha 'Awa.