A visit to Khursa

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Muhammad, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya

Sunday, Meitar, busy as usual.


We drove on road 60, to Tawfiq in Khursa, (near the settlement Nagohot).

We met Tawfiq, who lives next to the pillbox, and a checkpoint, which forces the residents to make a long detour.


He told us about the difficult economic situation of the people, the pressure which this creates, about the Palestinian Authority which is so weak. Also about the army, which in every way , increases anger and hatred! In addition, there are also internal conflicts and the large quantity of weapons which circulate and are used not only against Jews. In general, it is reported that the situation is calmer and the army unit which is now in the area bothers them less, but still he told about 2 incidents:

- Stones were thrown, and the army entered one of the businesses in the area and threatened the business owner that if he did not tell who of the children threw stones, they would throw tear gas into the business....

- There was a shooting incident in the Negohot area, they put a curfew on the area and took cameras. Two hours later the curfew was lifted (only a vehicle damaged).

ח'ורסא - עם תאופיק