First Friday of Ramadan

Ruti Barkai, Vivy Sury, Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

First Friday of Ramadan

First Friday of Ramadan with much more.

Many more Palestinians than in previous years.  Many more armed soldiers than in previous years. Much more meticulous inspection than in previous years and much more violence than in previous years.


And if a finger can be stuck in their eye, why not do it? – How can one otherwise explain the newly painted blue and white patterns on the inner wall and barrier blocks?

And for the sake of whoever wondered what are the rifles charged with, with their barrels pointed directly at people’s heads, the answer is here: “live bullets”. Live bullets that take lives.


Of all that took place and was observed, one fact only can be mentioned favorably: unlike previous years, there was no pretension at would-be politeness, would-be graciousness, would-be humanitarian concern, nor giant billboards with Orwellian holiday greetings.

The nerves, the irritability and roughness of those who say “this is my job” were unmasked, unveiled.


Qalandiya 02.06.17 Tamar Fleishman.jpg

Qalandiya - men line  02.06.17 Tamar Fleishman.jpgQalandiya - women line  02.06.17 Tamar Fleishman_0.jpg












Qalandiya - blue and white   02.06.17 Tamar Fleishman.jpgQalandiya - blue & white   02.06.17 Tamar Fleishman.jpg