Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 25.3.09, Morning

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Ya'el & Na'ama (reporting and photos)

Sansana-Meitar CP
crowded on the Israeli side but checking lane is empty. On the Palestinian side, ten lorries await permission to cross but there are no buses.

Road 60
During our few weeks' absence the hills around have turned green and all is in bloom - wonderful news for the farmers.
Simiya CP: open.
Dahariya CP: closed. Two taxis are waiting for fare.
Durah Al Fawaar CP: open and busy with lots of taxis.
Sheep's Junction: open.
Shuyuch Junction: the pedestrian crossing is open and border police soldiers are stopping everyone except the very young and very old, taking down their details. Apparently, everyone is detained for a couple of minutes before crossing.

The House of Dispute: now carries the graffiti "No'am Tibon is a leftist and mean". It has been fenced around and its windows are shattered.
Pharmacy Junction CP: passage is very swift. Some go through without being checked at all: either it's not contrary to regulations or the soldiers are careless.
Tarpat CP: three TIPH volunteers stand near by. Passage itself is quick.
Tel Rumeida CP: soldiers are busily talking to each other, paying no attention to either locals or ourselves. All cross without being checked.
Patriarchs' Cave Tomb: empty but for two Border Police soldiers.

Road 35
Humanitarian CP: closed.
Halhul Bridge: traffic flows through.
Idnah CP: open. 
On our way back home, we pass through Shuyuch CP again. The soldiers are no longer there and traffic flows.