Beit Furik, Sun 7.12.08, Afternoon

Noa P., Judit B., Tal H. reporting

Translation: Tal H.



16:00 Beit Furik

Pedestrians are checked but not all the time. Vehicles are checked, both entering and exiting, but not all the time.

Works are in progress ; concrete slabs moved around, taken away, brought - and the shed that is about to lose its security functions, as we heard from various sources, a chicken wire lid is added, just so it may be ready for re-use, in case.

Anyway, today pedestrians still have to suddenly face a locked turnstile when they wish to enter Nablus, and wait and wait, and then finally when it opens, they get through without a check. For the Palestinians - the holiday of sacrifice, Eid al Adha,

for the Israeli army - the feast of arbitrariness.

In any case, only Beit Furik residents are allowed through here, just as always.

We witness the taking down of the Israeli flag which is then tied to a lower pole for the time being.

At the exit from the taxi park towards Beit Furik village, the brand new yellow metal gate already stands, to be locked every evening at 9 p.m. and reopened in the morning.