Beit Iba, Mon 6.10.08, Afternoon

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Bilha, Elisheva, Michaela, ( a guest) Yona, Natanya translating.

Beit Iba

On the way to the top of the open  road. On the side of the road at the
entrance to the army camp was a command car and next to it some
soldiers. Palestinians cars travelled in both directions without being

Few people leaving Nablus. The young people go through the turnstiles,
taking off belts and emptying their pockets. They go through the x-ray
device and give their IDs for checking. Women, children and those of
preferred occupations go through the fast lane. A soldier stands at the
end of the lane checking randomly. The girls complain that the soldier
stands in the middle of the lane and they have to press past him. But
in the meantime he moves. Those entering Nablus are not checked today.

are few cars either entering or exiting Nablus. One of the porters goes
through with a cart full of cartons and is sent through by the soldier.
A bus arrives from Nablus and about 30 young men get out to give their
IDs and about 20 minutes later go on their way.

From afar we see a long line of pedestrians at the exit but this
disappears in a short time. In the fast lane only the men show their
IDs. The soldier again stands in the middle of the lane and the women
are embarrassed to pass him, some of them protest.  We draw this to the
attention of the commander  and the DCO and they
speak to the soldier about this.

Opposite the pink house next to Kedumim, Shvut Ami, the shed and the hammock have disappeared and there are no people.