Beit Furik, Huwwara, Sat 20.9.08, Morning

Natanya G., hanna b. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

Early in the morning we received a report of a very bad incident at Asira A-Kibliya.
A boy of 15 had been shot and killed  and it was said that he had been involved in an attempt to throw a burning Molotov cocktail. The identity of the boy was not known, nor his age nor place of residence. It seems that when it is necessary we know how to do exactly what is necessary. 
When we got to Huwwara we already saw an stretcher covered with a white sheet.  The ambulance had left by the time we got to the place but passers by said that the boy had been suspected of throwing a burning bottle.
We got there at 10.45. The checkpoint was practically empty in both directions.  The average time for a car or pedestrian to go through was 10 minutes. Many Israeli cars on their way to Nablus and all passed without problems.
On the other hand a van with Palestinian plates and which did not have a license to enter Nablus was not allowed through. The heroes of the occupation can probably explain this absurdity.
 A police van arrived and this time for a change not to chase away "the disturbers of the soldiers."
Two Israeli cars had to show their IDs and license numbers and were immediately allowed through to Nablus. We do not know what was happening and wrote down the numbers of the police cars.
The soldier/driver saw us and came out angrily to asks what we were doing there. And why had we written down the number of his car.  Evidently one of those closely guarded secrets of the checkpoint where 100s of people pass each day and see what is happening. We said that we were documenting what we saw and asked if we had committed some transgression. The next question was, "Who allows you to be here?" We were a bit taken aback and asked, "Are we not in an area which is populated by the settlers all along the way and they run around all over here even though today is Saturday. So then our  IDs were demanded which we showed. "Oh so you are not settlers?" "No we are from Jerusalem." "So put a hat on your heads against the sun as it is hot here." We parted with no goodbyes.
)nce more in who knows how many times we can remark on the vulgar and rude behavior of the
military policewomen.
Beit Furik.  Nothing to report.

We returned to Jerusalem at 13.30