Beit Iba, Tue 2.9.08, Afternoon

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Dalia F., Dvorka A. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

Very light traffic at the checkpoint.  The soldiers explain that it's because inspections at the Ganot checkpoint have been eased as a gesture to Abu Mazen for Ramadan, and also that fewer people are going through because of the fast.

3:00  Beit Iba.  The shed where people wait is almost empty.  One detainee, whose ID number was on the short list.  A., the checkpoint commander, says he'll shorten the length of his detention as part of the concessions for Ramadan.  People entering Nablus are checked randomly, and very superficially.  Inspections in the other directions are conducted as usual, but there's no line because few people are going through.