'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 15.7.08, Afternoon

: Amit Y., Zehava G., Yael S. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.

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 The Figs Gate 

14:30 – A few cars at the entrance to Israel.


Jubara, the Schoolchildren's Gate


A Palestinian carrying a lot of packages is walking in front of us. He is being detained because he has no permit.




14:40 – As we stop we hear the soldier at the checkpoint shouting to the soldier at the watchtower, "notify the advanced command post that MachsomWatch women have arrived".


The northern checkpoint


About 10 vehicles are waiting.


The southern checkpoint


Inspections are carried out and there is no line.


The questioning concerns the travel destination. Certain destinations seem to require a check of documents.


A car driver from Azzun approaches us to complain. According to him, every morning they arrive very early, at about 03:30, in order to be the first to pass at checkpoint 109 to Alfe Menashe. At 05:00, which is the time they are supposed to start passing, a shift's change takes place and it takes between half an hour and an hour until they start to work and let people pass. As a result, they come to work too late. I have handed over the complaint to Elisheva's devoted handling.


15:15 – The aforementioned Palestinian with the packages has been released.


New "illegals" [in Israel without a residence permit] arrive. They undergo a physical inspection inside a small shed that has been put up opposite the soldiers' post/ when the inspection is done, they are released.


15:30 – We are waiting at the village gate for someone to come from the direction of the Figs Gate to open it for us.




15:40 – Four vehicles facing Tulkarm stand here. Eight vehicles from the direction of Tulkarm heading south are waiting.


No inspections. Brief questioning.