Beit Iba, Sun 6.7.08, Morning

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Yael A., Rachel H. (reporting) Translator: Judith G.

  07:45, Beit IbaTraffic flowing, both pedestrians and vehicles.  At first we thought that the academic year had ended but, when we asked one of the students, we were told that it only ends on July 17th.  The owner of the donkey cart who complained to us in the past that he couldn't pass through when there wasn't a trained dog for inspection, now says there is no longer a problem.  There is one line of men next to the checkpoint whose documents are being checked against lists.  Women and older men pass through immediately, with no inspection.  Since there are 3-4 soldiers doing this, the inspection is relatively swift, with a waiting time of about 8 minutes.  At the entrance to Nablus we didn't see any line and the detention shed was empty. 08:05We left.  On the way back, traffic was flowing at 'Anabta and also at Jabarra we went through with no delay.