Bethlehem, Thu 5.6.08, Afternoon

Debora G., Dafna S. (reporting)


For technical reasons we decided to go only to Bethlehem checkpoint. Another reason was the unpleasant situation that arises each day there when the workers arrive.


16:30, Bethlehem checkpoint: The workers arrived and for no particular reason a long line has been formed. We asked the security man why there were only three active booths and why he wasn't letting people enter. He said that it was his business to control the situation and the security.

In spit of that he let each time a group of 20-30 people enter.


A group of people that passed were taken aside and their IDs were taken from them. After several minutes they got them back. Another post was closed again… another jam formed… a long line formed.
We once again turned to the security person asking him to try to move the line faster to ease the situation for the people who were standing in the heat.

His shift ended and another security man arrived - again  letting only 5-6 people enter. 
We left after 6:00 PM. All workers have passed.