Beit Iba, יום ה' 29.5.08, אחה"צ

Hagar L., Yfat D. (reporting)



  A- Ras CP 14:12The army has spread heavy rocks all over the faulty road which oblige the drivers to zig zag along it, thus enabling the passage of only one car at a time.The soldiers check all bags and IDs.At the side of the road we note a car parked. The passengers and driver tell us they have been detained (10 minutes) for the purpose of the check of their IDs.

The block positioned by the army to prevent the access of the residents of the village of Safrin to the main road has been removed by the army.
 'Anabta CP 14:37The soldiers make random checks. The rest of the cars are waved through. When they check people´s belongings they do so on the ground, or on people´s knees.

At 14:55 a millitary jeep arrives; it´s time for a shift change. As a result, no more cars are let through for 15 minutes and a line quickly forms- 35 into Tulkarm, and 20 in the opposite direction.

We left at 15:21.