Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Nili, Hagit (report, photos)

Hardly any military presence, a peaceful day, no tension. People tell us about the endless efforts of the Authority to calm the area.

 The army is training at the shooting range - the former engineer's Adorayim base. At its front is the building of the British Police Headquarters, now the municipal Council of the Southern Hevron area.



The Hebron Jewish Settlers' Committee awaiting the forthcoming holiday season by flaunting the Israeli flag all over the place




The barriers are ugly, demeaning and annoying as a rule.

The pharmacy barrier      'Abad's barrier     The Tarpat barrier


The settlers in Hebron(Bezalel Smotrich is one of them)



Water tanks being replaced, for the benefit of soldiers and settlers, and the  'big brother' safeguarding the occupation from the safe 'pillbox'cid:2FEDF754-099E-4D29-AFE9-38AE63E13C47