Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Yael Zoran, Hagit B. (reporting and photographing); Translator: Charles K.



All the laborers had gone through when we crossed the Meitar checkpoint and two buses waiting in the parking lot for the prisoners’ relatives to return.


We were told that work permits were confiscated here as well, with no explanation.


At Sham’a, it’s as if they haven’t heard about construction in the settlements being stopped.  Construction continues in the new neighborhood and staff of  the Southern Hebron Hills Regional Council are hanging Israeli flags on all the streetlights.


Near Samu’a we see four young Palestinians, three women and a man, standing by the roadside next to a large camerainfo-icon, photographing to the west.  We were curious and stopped.  They’re studying photography at Hebron University.  Once in a while there can be pleasant, normal activity here.  Here’s what they photographed:



At the turn to the Negohot settlement – the military base the Palestinians used to call “Majnuna”  - we meet M. to do the good deed Ronit requested of us.


N., from the Al Fawwar grocery, says it’s been quiet recently.


Considerable roadwork at the entrance to Palestinian villages.  We have the impression the Palestinians are doing all they can to calm things down, and are succeeding.


All the roadblocks and gatesinfo-icon are open, except at Beit Anun junction – even the one below the Tamimi family’s home next to Kiryat Arba.




On the other hand, there are still flying checkpoints – this time at the Zayit crossing near the Al Jora neighborhood in Hebron.




The Border Police soldiers ask us to photograph the graffiti in Arabic at the roadblock:






“Step on the gas,” which, in spoken Arabic, means “Run them over.”




Many military vehicles in Hebron today and many diplomats, and embassy security vehicles.

Apparently the United States ambassador, but the security people won’t tell us.  They’re parked at Gross Plaza, where we saw this on the pavement:


Gross Plaza:


“End the Occupation!”


A group of people sit at ‘Abed’s, and today there were three buses of Moslems from Indonesia or Malaysia on organized tours.


The settlers’ children have vacation for Passover and their main activity is trying to steal from ‘Abed.


One of the people at ‘Abed’s says there was a lot of military activity yesterday in the H1 area; they heard explosions and shooting.  We couldn’t confirm the report.






TIP volunteers are apparently updating their replacements today.  Too bad they’re not more active, rather than simply observing.


All the major checkpoints between H1 and H2 are being upgraded, so soldiers won’t come into physical contact with the occupied population.  Everything operates with turnstiles and bullet-proof glas.


Razor wire has been added to all the roadblocks.  This photo was taken near Beit Hamachpela and the Al Fahiyya girls’ school.




Hasam HaShoter – Tarpa”t checkpoint



Here’s Shuhadah Street, next to Beit Hadassah.  Palestinians are not allowed to go through.




The Chabad cemetery at Tel Rumeida is still off limits.


Happy holiday.