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Ruthie Katz, Chana Abiram. Translator: Charles K.

06:00:  Cold and dark.  Soldiers on the security road.  People waiting at the Habla entrance for the checkpoint to open.  The darkness and the fences make it hard to estimate how many.


06:10:  People begin going though in groups of five.  Little children also go through.  When it grew light we saw there were fewer people than in the past.


07:05:  It began to rain heavily.  Soldiers had coveralls against the rain, we could take shelter in the car, but the Palestinians got soaked while waiting and when they crossed.


07:20:  The school bus enters Habla immediately, without being delayed.


07:29:  The school bus leaves Habla after waiting a few minutes.

Then the cars of the owners of the plant nurseries and their workers came out.


07:45:  The checkpoint closed.