Al Jib (Givat Zeev), Qalandiya

Ronny P., Maya L. (reporting); Translator: Ayala S.

Qalandiya CP lately seems to be very efficient. There are no long lines neither at 5am nor later (and this on a busy Sunday!). 

We are at the Palestinian side of the CP. The square is relatively clean, the toilets open, all the turnstiles are operating and had been so from as early as 5am. All the lanes are also functioning. The military police representative has been here from as early as 5:30am

The peaceful atmosphere encouraged us to go on to the Al-Jib CP (at the entrance to Pisgat Zeev, behind the gas-station). The last time we'd been there the situation was difficult and we (optimistically) hoped to find that the situation had been improved. We found a nearly empty CP. Whomever we spoke with told us that throughout the past week all was operating efficiently. Some of the passers-through thanked us for the improvement. Nice to hear.

A cup of coffee at the van and we're about to leave. The soldier inspecting our documents is somewhat puzzled about us and calls the border-policewoman in charge. She refuses to let us through and tells us to go back to Qalandiya - wherefrom we entered. We complained that going back meant we had to pass through Zone A - to no avail with the lady: 'you should have contacted the Matak with all your details' she says. We are detained within the check-booth with the soldier, maybe for the better as we taste the feeling of being confined. Half-an-hour goes by and the lady-soldier comes back with instructions to release us. The doors to freedom are opened...