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Maya L., Ronny P

Qalandiya CP

5:00 Long line of Sunday morning. We thought that since it is "Jerusalem Day" people will decide no to come on this day to Jerusalem. But to those we meet here life and livelihood are stronger. Indeed, shortly after 7:00 o'clock all the people crossed the check point.

Only one incident worth mentioning as it makes one think. At one point we saw gathering near the entrance to check point 4 - Palestinians and policemen around a person who collapsed on the floor. People stood around him and eventually he was brought into the hall and was put on the bench (those who carried him entered back through the humanitarian gate, not without a short inquiry). Luckily we met a young orderly who works in a hospital in Jerusalem and he was the one who called for an ambulance. The wounded young mean had a cut and was bleeding from his temple. Some said that he got his cut from the carousel which rotated too fast. The security guy said that the man is drunk and smells of alcohol. Sound strange that a Muslim worker is drunk on the way to work... We stood close to the man and didn't notice any smell pf alcohol.

The important point is that within minutes the ambulance arrived and the injured man was taken to the Ramallah hospital. The man's father was notified and he arrived at the hospital as well.

We took the phone number of the orderly who escorted the injured man to the hospital. They will tell us on Sunday what evolved.

We also met a couple from Gaza. The man was released from the Ramallah hospital and they were on their way home. Frequently you see people who were released that same day from the hospital and need all kinds of certificates to be able to go home. Nothing here is simple.

On the way out we encountered again soldiers who didn't know who we are and were delayed by them. Policeman M who was in the area told them who we are and gave us back our identity cards.